Friends Life Group Helpful insights into mortgages & finance in the UK
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Welcome to Friends Life Group

Friends Life Group is a new venture formed by three retired ex professionals all with a background in mortgages, finance and properties.


We thought our expertise could be put to good use, even though we are now retired, we have a lot of knowledge between us that may help you when looking for different mortgages, buy to let property information and insurances available on the market.


We will be providing opinions on those subjects and what we feel are the best products and services available out there to help you. We are here to help you with our expertise and opinions and some advice for all aspects of mortgages, buy to let properties and getting insurances.


The three of us are Paul Stubbs, Nicola Collette and Barry Seymour, all now are retired but not ready just yet to give up helping and advising people altogether just yet. A combined total of nearly 100 years experience between the three of us.

We are more than qualified to help people and give our professional pinions

To those that may need any financial help regarding all manners relating to getting a mortgage and then purchasing a property, particularly those who wish to know more about buy to let properties as this can sometimes become quite confusing rather a straightforward property purchase and then help you insure those properties once purchased especially as landlord insurance can also be quite difficult at times to understand and even come across at all.

Mortgage Rates


Buy to let

Mortgage Broker






Here is a little bit about the 3 of us

It can at times be quite expensive so we are here to find you the best deals all round and give our opinions on which we think are the best ones to go for and why.


Mortgage broker

Barry has worked within the mortgage broker sector helping people buy their properties and as such has managed to devise a mortgage calculator for you so you can gauge a rough idea on how much your monthly mortgage repayments will be. This can be accessed easily from any of our pages here on the website. All you need to do is simply add in how much you are looking to borrow and for how long and the calculator will do the maths for you in seconds!



Paul has worked in finance all his working life and had a financial services business of his own for the past 20 years, again offering people help and advice on how best to gain mortgages, save for deposits and how to best invest their money.



Property expert

Nicola is a property expert having worked in estate agents, dealing with all aspects of rental, purchasing, selling, marketing, viewings etc. She also has worked closely with the financial department within those estate agents all throughout her career giving her knowledge and experience therefore, in all of those fields.

You can read more in depth about all three backgrounds in the ‘About Us’ page where we will go into more detail on each of the partners more. We wanted to be able to put all our expertise and knowledge to good use.

our blog

Final Words

We will give our opinions on the website about mortgages that are available and in general about all the current trends in the market when it comes to buy to let properties. We will also give our best opinions on the insurances available to all those looking to insure homes and which we think are the best deals around.

One we have given our opinions, those who are seeking help either legally or financially will need to contact an authorised professional who is currently trading. Remember, we are retired now!

You will be able to ask us any questions you may have and we do our best to answer them for you but as we say, please do then ask a financial or legal expert for confirmation. We would always recommend that you get a conveyancing solicitor to deal with all your property dealings anyway. We are not mortgage brokers so hence you would need a financial service provider for the mortgage side of things.

We would like to make extremely clear however, none of the information given on our website is to be taken as legal or financial advice that could be used anywhere. What we say on the website are purely our opinions and offering advice as to what we think are the best options available on the market as we are experts in those fields.