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All three of us partners are dotted around the country but we cover the whole of the UK as we are online and can give our opinions via the website. We can be contacted easily through the website via our Contact Us page.

Barry is based in Suffolk, Paul is in Cornwall and Nicola is in Birmingham, however we all have worked alongside each other in one way or another at some point in our careers, having all lived in and around London at the same time in our lives which is how we got to know each other and which is why we decided to come up with this website so we can help people still with our knowledge and expertise in our fields. (See About Us page).

We will be providing advice and opinions for the markets in the UK as we have worked and lived here all our lives and know how everything works here, so although obviously anyone from around the globe can access our website, it would not really be of much use to anyone else from abroad as things work differently in each country obviously and we can only advise on the UK.


As previously mentioned, we have begun this website as a hobby as all of us have loved what we have done for the majority of our lives and want to continue doing so and hope our opinions will help people get ideas and move on to search things further and maybe suggest things to their financial advisers things that they may have missed or not realised before reading our website or after having asked us a question on something they were not too sure on even after speaking to a current professional.


So please do feel free to contact us from anywhere in the UK and we will do our best to let you know what we think is best in whichever situation you may be facing and for whatever reason and how best to move forward with whatever your venture may be. Thank you.

If you are near any of us, we could even if possible and you are really stuck meet up with you to discuss your options in person and in greater detail which is sometimes not possible to do online. This would only be in however, in extreme circumstances as this whole website is a hobby for us as we are all retired now and no longer are working as such. Would only be if you are near us as we say. We are doing this to help people with our knowledge after all so if really must we could see what we can do to help anyone out. Remember we are not charging for our time and it would be a brief meeting if at all required. If we feel it is something we can help with over the phone or email , even if you are close by, we are afraid would not be possible to meet up.