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about us

Barry Seymour

Mortgage broker

Barry Seymour, aged 67, has a background as a mortgage broker which basically means he is the middle man between the customer looking for a mortgage and the financial institution offering the mortgage. He will firstly go through all the information with the customer so he knows what they require and then find them the best deal he can. He will then send them all the paperwork required and then just wait for move in day and the money will be in the customer’s account, ready to pay for the property. He has done for over 30 years so knows the trends in the market and what to expect when regarding rates going up, best time to buy, which is best, tracker, fixed rate, repayment or interest only. Hence why he was able to come up with a mortgage calculator for the site which we hope you will all no doubt find very useful. This will help you find out in seconds how much your mortgage payments would be a month depending on how long you take the mortgage out for and how much you want to borrow etc. He is a father of 3 and a grandfather of 5 and loves to play golf and loves to play it abroad even more!

Paul Stubbs


Paul Stubbs, aged 69, has a background of finance, having had his own financial adviser business for over 20 years and previous to that has always worked in finance since leaving university. He has advised many people over the years how best to invest their money, but especially into property and for those wanting to invest, he has advised a great deal on buy to let properties as he feels you cannot go wrong when investing into property. He therefore also knows what is required and the best times to invest according to the property market and economy. He also has dealt in selling insurance over the years so he knows the ins and outs of all the financial sector. He is a father of 2 and grandfather of 2, he also likes to play golf along with Barry and loves gardening with his wife the best.


Nicola Collette

Property expert

Nicola Collette, aged 62, has worked in estate agents for over 30 years, so you could day she knows the industry inside and out having seen it go change over the years, whether going up or down, through recession periods and much more. She has dealt with rental, selling, purchasing and therefore has great knowledge of the buy to let sector and exactly how it works. As most estate agents have their own in house financial advisers these days, she has worked closely alongside them as well for her clients so she also knows how the mortgage side works. She is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3 and loves to do some crochet in her spare time when she isn’t helping with the grandchildren as she says it relaxes her after all the mayhem!